Monday, September 30, 2013

guess I got what I deserve

After five seasons and nine Emmys, AMC's Breaking Bad has ended. Everyone you know watched it. Everyone at work talked about, discussed it, analyzed it and second-guessed it. 

Everyone, but me. 

I have never seen a single episode.

It's not that I purposely shunned the series. I've heard all about its great writing, innovative plots, jarring visuals and stellar acting. It's just... just... I just never watched it. That's all.

I don't know anything about the show except that Bryan Cranston (Malcolm's dad and Jerry Seinfeld's Jewish convert dentist) is a guy who makes meth. I have unconsciously avoided conversations about the show among friends and co-workers. Usually, the question is raised, "Do you watch Breaking Bad?," and when I say I don't, the subject is dropped and the conversation takes a different path. But now that the show has completed its run, I thought about setting some time aside to watch the entire series.

At least until this morning.

Two of my co-workers, discreetly discussed the final episode of Breaking Bad just out of earshot of my open office door. Although I couldn't hear any parts of the actual conversation, I knew what they were talking about. As the morning progressed, Kym came by to say "Hello." She told our little corner of the Marketing Department that she spent Sunday afternoon fully immersed in a Breaking Bad marathon, with the intention of getting up to speed to watch the highly-touted series finale Sunday evening. Again, just outside my office door, a fellow marketer asked, "So, did you watch it?"

"Yes," she replied "and...

* * * * SPOILER ALERT * * * *
I offer this to those of you who have not yet watched the final episode,
a courtesy I was not afforded. 

...I'm glad to see Jesse got away with it."

"Oh well," I said, loud enough to interrupt their exchange, "I guess I don't have to watch it now."

Kym protested, "You don't even know who Jesse is!"

"Yes, but if I decided to watch the show, I will be introduced to the character and when I am, I'll know he gets away with it.," I explained. Whatever it is.

Perhaps if and when I do get around to watching the complete series of Breaking Bad, I will have forgotten all about this little reveal. But, unfortunately for me, I don't forget anything.

Now... not a word about Boardwalk Empire.

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