Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello Daddy. Hello Mom.

I love live music. I always have. So it wasn't unusual that, at 10 p.m. on Saturday, Mrs. P and I stood in the darkened concert venue at Harrah's Atlantic City, bathed in the red glow of the stage lighting. Nearly 1200 fans waved their hands in time to the rhythmic beats emanating from the speakers and mimicked the movements of the energetic CeeLo Green at center stage . At this point, the couple who were seated next to me got up and made a hasty exit, obviously offended by the real, uncensored lyrics to the hit "Forget You" — the song CeeLo chose to cap off his performance.

A mere twelve hours later, Mrs. P and I found ourselves in another concert venue. This time it was Philadelphia's Union Transfer. Hundreds of toddlers scurried around our feet as anxious parents tried to keep a handle on their rambunctious offspring. The youthful crowd awaited the arrival of The Not-Its and Big Bang Boom, two kid-friendly bands, that were on-hand to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kids Corner, the award-winning radio show that originates from WXPN. Of course, Mrs. Pincus and I are not the parents of little ones. We were accompanying my in-laws who brought my two young nieces to participate in the festivities.

As we watched the kids run around — bouncing balls, whacking balloons and munching grilled cheese sandwiches — we smiled. We were reminded of the times we took our own son to concerts. First to kid-oriented shows (like kiddie jam band Trout Fishing in America), then real-live adult performances (like Barenaked Ladies and Moxy Fruvous). He developed a life-long love of music and was soon taking us to concerts. With interests in a wide variety of styles and genres, music took on an important role in his life and eventually led him to his chosen career in broadcasting. So, our "little one" is now almost 26 years old. He grew up listening to Kids Corner and now serves as the show's engineer.

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