Sunday, April 7, 2013

for whom the belle tolls

It was little Pealy's birthday. Grandma asked Pealy who she'd like at her party and what sort of cake she would like.

Mommy ignored the conversation.

Grandma made the plans, invited the guests, bought the favors and the snacks. Grandma ordered the cake. Grandma arranged for a party organizer to play games with the kids.

Mommy had other things to do.

Grandma picked up the cake at the bakery. Grandma set up the party tables. She placed a small bag of chips and a juice box at each place setting. She made sure there were enough goodie bags for each young guest. She watched as the kids played games. Afterwards, Grandma served the cake and led the guests in a chorus of "Happy Birthday." As the children began to depart after the festivities had ended, Grandma thanked them each for coming. Pealy smiled and waved "goodbye" to her guests.

But, Mommy never came.

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